headmistress's Message


Headmistress's Message

The goal of education is not to increase the amount of knowledge, but to create the possibilities of a child to invent and discover. Education is the most powerful weapon which one can use to change the world.

It is extremely noteworthy that St. John’s Model HSS considers it to be its duty to nurture students as sensitive people with strong values, who will leverage their individual achievements to strengthen the fabric of community, the nation and the planet.

The school, over the years, contributed worthy citizens towards a peaceful, spiritual and knowledgeable India and world at large. We proved that our ultimate goal is academic excellence with character and personality.

To quote Franklin D. Roosevelt “We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future”. We are engaged in the process of bringing up young people to become moral and intellectual leaders, people of dignity, integrity and compassion who wish to make a difference to the world.

Rani M Alex



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